List of Tarmac Works in India at Best Price

Tarmac Works was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong by a team of diecast model cars and toys enthusiasts. Tarmac Works has varieties of toy cars that attracts kids and fulfill die-cast hobby. For great fun for kids, Tarmac Works India produces 1.64 and 1:43 scale models cars as well. Tarmac works are one of the […]

Johnny lightning diecast cars

KARZ AND DOLLS has the best collectables Johnny Lightning Cars in India. These are the duplicates of brand model cars. They were manufactured by a popular Toy company – Topper Toys. The company launched its first Johnny Lightning in 1969. The first group of cars included 11 Johnny Lightning cars and other plastic toys. Topper […]

Best Diecast Store in India For All Type of Collectible Toys

A diecast model car lovers, we want to have a vast collection of favourite model cars from multiple brands like Hotwheels, Greenlight, Johnny Lightning, Jada, Matchbox, Autoworld, Majorette, TSM, ERA, PARA64 and Tarmac Works etc. has a wide variety of diecast model cars in various price ranges. If you wish you must visit us. […]

Shop For Diecast Model Cars In India- Best Choice for Kids

Shop for the exclusive collectable toy cars in India at Karzanddolls. Choose from the range of top leading toy car brands Bburago, inno64, autoworld, johnny lightning, hotwheels, majorette, matchbox, TSM Mini GT, Era Cars, Paragon cars, Tarmac works, jada hollywood rides, Greenlight hollywood Cars , Welly, AUTOart, Mini GT and more top-level brands. Karzanddolls is […]

Top Diecast Cars Online in India

Picking out the best New Year present for your loved little one with the one and only KarzAndDolls! Finding it hard to pick out a suitable New Year present for your little loved one? Well, have you tried Karz And Dolls yet?  Karz and Dolls have the largest collection of branded car toys and dolls […]

Top 10 Mini GT India Diecast Cars for Kids

Can you ever say that you did not receive at least one car in your childhood? Cars are an important part of our childhood. Bright-colored cars were the most popular ones because they easily caught children’s attention. If you are a parent or thinking of gifting something to a child, choose a bright coloured car. […]

List of Johnny Lightning Cars

Johnny Lightning is a brand of collectible model cars, which is originally manufactured by Topper Toys. In 1969, topper toys successfully started to manufacture Johnny Lightning cars on a scale of 1:64. Johnny Lightning launched 11 cars including several plastic sets of toys in 1969. Topper Toys is a successful toy brand like Mattel Hot […]

Best Hollywood Action Figures to Collect In 2022

What are Hollywood Action Figures? Are you looking for the best Hollywood Action Figures for kids or collectible desire? Let’s understand the first Action Figures. Action Figures are the pose-able toys characters that are made using plastic. These action figure toys are often based on major and top characters from Hollywood films, comic books, military, […]