Matchbox Superfast Cars

Kids these days are avidly fond of miniature cars, trucks, and other toys. However, often they get the cars collided with some or other hard surface like the walls and thus leading to the cars getting broken.


The child becomes sad and you again need to spend money buying them a new bunch of cars. Do you also wish to get your child a car that he will enjoy playing with and that will not get broken easily?

Then matchbox cars are the perfect choice for you. Also if you are fond of collecting cars, you should give matchbox cars a look. Worried about Matchbox Superfast Cars Price?

Then you must know that they are perfectly worth the money you spend.

Matchbox Diecast Cars, established 69 years ago on 9th July 1953 by Lesney Products, Currently owned by Mattel, Inc, Who purchased the company in the brand in 1997, is a worldwide, popularly known iconic toy brand best known for selling Diecast cars.

Matchbox was known to be named so because originally matchbox toys were sold in boxes that looked similar to the boxes in which matches were sold. Matchbox has an authentic collection of beautifully crafted, minutely specified, and specialized realistic miniature cars.

The cars not only have beautiful designs but also are resistant to external damage. One of the major reasons why matchbox enjoyed a major hold in the market of miniature Diecast cars was Matchbox Superfast Cars Price.

3 Affordable Matchbox Superfast Car Models you should check-out

Matchbox Superfast Metal 05 Volvo V60 Wagon 2020

You will find this cool metal car in the ice white shade. By far all the customers who have purchased the matchbox superfast metal 05 Volvo V60 wagon 2020 have been super satisfied with its look and quality.

It looks exactly like the original model of the Volvo V60 wagon. As per Amazon, this car costs ₹899. However, the price might vary depending upon the online platform you are purchasing from.

Matchbox ’59 Volkswagen Microbus Superfast Diecast

The Matchbox ’59 Volkswagen Microbus Superfast Diecast is of a 1:64 scale, weights about 90g. Designed in black and white, kids, as well as car collecting enthusiasts are bound to like the entire classic look of this.

It contains minutely detailed realistic and authentic decorations with real rolling wheels and is an exclusive assortment or mixture of city cars, construction vehicles, off-road four-wheelers, and rescue vehicles.

According to Amazon, this Matchbox Superfast Cars Price is ₹999, though might vary depending upon the online platform you’re choosing.

Matchbox 2020 Superfast – ’82 Datsun 280ZX Red

This car looks exactly like the miniature copy of the original. Designed in red with white trim, this is one of the most commonly chosen Matchbox Superfast Cars with open able doors.

It gives you an aesthetic vibe, beautifully crafted and worked. As per, this Matchbox Superfast Cars Price is ₹499. You might, however, find varying prices from a different website to website.