Top 10 Mini GT India Diecast Cars for Kids


Can you ever say that you did not receive at least one car in your childhood? Cars are an important part of our childhood. Bright-colored cars were the most popular ones because they easily caught children’s attention. If you are a parent or thinking of gifting something to a child, choose a bright coloured car. You can rest assured that they will play with it till it breaks down. Nowadays, not only children but these cars have caught the attention of many car enthusiasts. Children are so fond of these cars that they will preserve them like they would keep a real car. Children love to race with these cars. There are many types of mini gt India diecast car models. Some operate with batteries, some with a string, while some are to be operated manually. Many cars have different sounds and lights, and you can get a diverse range of cars as per your wishes.

Top 10 Mini GT Diecast Cars in India For Kids & Collectible Purpose

1. Mini GT Bentley Continental GT3 5 2018 Blancpain GT Asia

If you are fond of sports cars, this might be a perfect choice. This car comes for RS 1399, and the body is of red and black color.

2. Mini GT Porsche Taycan Turbo S Frozen Blue Metallic RHD

Coming at a price of Rs 1199, this car has a glossy finish on its body. If you are looking for a smart car at an affordable rate, stop thinking and go for this small blue car..

3. Mini GT Toyota Supra JZA80 Dark Green Pearl Metallic RHD

This car has magic in itself. Though it is dark green, it looks black from a distance. With a fine glossy finish, this car is a perfect choice for a gift. It was quite affordable and was just Rs 999.

4. Mini GT MercedesBenz 190E 2516 Evolution II 7 LHD

Mercedes is a dream car of many. Who would not love to keep a Mercedes in his house? If you are a lover of bi-colored cars, close your eyes and buy this diecast car. It costs Rs 1399 and is red and white.

5. Mini GT Nissan Skyline GTR R32 GR A 12 Calsonic 1993 RHD

If you go to a car toy shop, you will not move your eyes from this car. Though it costs Rs 1699, it is worth its look. The car is blue and looks just like a real-life sports car.

6. Mini GT Bentley Continental GT3 107 MSport Team Bentley 2019

It is just the black version of Nissan Skyline. Though its price is on the high side if you buy this car your money will not be wasted. It costs Rs 1799. Its wheels are very noticeable, and the car has a glossy look.

7. Mini GT Datsun 510 Pro Street OG Green

If you want to buy a car that somewhat resembles a vintage car, this would be the right choice. It is a green colored car that comes at Rs 1999.

8. Mini GT Lamborghini Urus Bianco Monocerus Matt W Roof Box RHD

Lamborghinis are quite fascinating. The look is stylish and attractive. It is reasonably rated at Rs 1399 and has a unique look.

9. Mini GT LB Works BMW M4 White WM Stripe RHD

This fascinating white BMW comes at a price of Rs 1099 and is quite cheap. The style is also fascinating and overall, a good choice.

10. Mini GT Pagani Huayra Roadster Arancio Saint Tropez RHD

If you love roofless cars, this is the right choice for you. It is of orange colour and costs Rs 1099.