Best Hollywood Action Figures to Collect In 2022

Hollywood Action Figures Toys

What are Hollywood Action Figures?

Are you looking for the best Hollywood Action Figures for kids or collectible desire? Let’s understand the first Action Figures. Action Figures are the pose-able toys characters that are made using plastic. These action figure toys are often based on major and top characters from Hollywood films, comic books, military, video games, or television shows. Actually, these copy the most popular action character which we see in major Hollywood films like Hulk, WWE fighter characters, Game of Thrones characters Spiderman, Captain America, Dinosaur from Jurassic park, and many others. Several companies have manufactured new models/toy characters related to Hollywood and sold them in the market. These figures are manufactured and marketed for boys and other die-cast collectors.

The word “action figure” was first introduced by Hasbro in 1964, when they manufactured and marketed different toys for boys. For example, they made G.I. Joe figure toys for those boys who refused to play with “dolls”. These G.I. Joe action figures toys are actually military theme-based.  After then several toys are launched and marketed by top companies. In first these action figures are made with plastic. After that many brands started to made action figures using metal. 

Best Hollywood Action Figures to Collect:

In 1971, Mego (an American Toy Manufacturing company) started making American Marvel and DC comic book superhero figures, which are the best action figure toys. Big Jim action figures were manufactured by Mattel and launched, sold in 1972-1986. In the 1980s many popular action figures, based on Hollywood cartoon series, were manufactured and liked by kids and collectors. Some of the most successful action figures in the 1980s are Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters, and Super Powers Collection. Now let’s discuss some of the best Action Figures from Hollywood film series and comics, which are most liking and sold these days, are Marvel Legends, Game of Thrones, WWE Fighters, Bendable, Disney Pixar, Imaginext, Mega Construx, Disney Pixar, Jurassic world, DC figures, and many others.

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends is an action figure toy, which is based on and copy of the characters of Marvel Comics. These are initially produced by Toy Biz, then by Hasbro. Today several models are available in the market that attracts kids and are best for collectors. Some of them are- Infamous Iron man, Gambit, Marvels Forge, Marvels Blink, Marvels Jubilee, Spider-Man, Marvels Puma, Marvels Black Cat, Loki, Marvels Wasp, Wolverine with the bike, and many more.

WWE Hollywood Action Figures

WWE action figures are pose-able die-cast toys based on top wrestlers, fighters, and famous personalities of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). These WWE characters are currently manufacturing by Mattel, which is top American toys manufacturing company. In the first, these WWE figures were made by Jakks and Hasbro. You can buy some popular characters like Naomi WWE, bobby the brain Heenan, Finn Balor’s heroic demon king, and many WWW Action Figures.

Game of Thrones Action Figures

Game of Thrones Action Figures has gained more popularity due to its quality toy series. Getting all the character sketches in your room can be loved by various people. Shop the latest collection Khal DROGO, White Walker, Brienne Of Tarth, The Hound Legacy Collection, Ned Stark Legacy Collection.

Bendables Action Figures

Bendables action figures are designed to easily be placed anywhere as you wish to. These can be a great gift for kids who follow action heroes like Superman, Robin, The Penguin, Robin, Batman, Aquaman, Alien, Mermaid
Pirate, Soldier, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Joker, and more.


Disney Pixar Action Figures:

Toy Story action figures are based on story characters from films & serial cartoons. These can be a great gift for your kids, who like cartoons like Mr. Incedible, Buzz Lighter, Jessie and Bullseye, Bullseye Minis, Rex Minis

toy story action figures

Imaginext Action Figures:

Imaginext action figures are the set of Batman and Wonder Woman, these are the perfect choice for children of all age groups.

Mega Construx Action Figures

Mega Construx action toys are the set of dragon toys along with minions. These are good choices for kids in all age groups. Buy some of the best from this category like Flamingo Joyride, Snowy Soccer, Water House Hininx, Buildable Minions, Minion Puppy, Mailbox Mischief, Legends Checkpoint

Jurassic Park Action Figures Collectibles

Jurassic world toys action figures